ATAC - Equality of Opportunity

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Equal Opportunities Policy reflects both the aim and purposes of ATAC and the sprit and intentions of legalisation, which outlaws discrimination.

The organisation will not discriminate or treat any individual less favourably on grounds of sex, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, age or sexual orientation.

As an employer, ATAC aims to ensure that no job applicant or staff member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, religion, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, age or sexual orientation.

ATAC aims to ensure that people with disabilities are given equal opportunity to enter employment. In so doing it willfully consider making reasonable adjustments to working - practices, equipment and premises to ensure that a disabled person disadvantage due to their disability. In addition when staff members become disabled in the course of their employment every effort will be made through reasonable adjustment retraining or redeployment to enable them to remain in the employment of ATAC.

Entry to employment and promotion or change of post within ATAC is determined by personal merits and ability relevant to the aims and purposes of ATAC.

The aims and purposes of ATAC which are central to all staff in post are required to demonstrate a clear commitment to these.

It is the responsibility of every individual, both staff and volunteer, to eliminate discrimination by ensuring the practical application of the equal opportunities policy and reporting incidents of discrimination to an appropriate senior member.

All allegations of discrimination will be treated seriously. Any discrimination is totally unacceptable to ATAC and anyone found to be discriminating will face disciplinary action.

Sexual and racial harassment are forms of discrimination on the grounds of a person's sex or race. This and any other harassment is totally unacceptable to ATAC and such behaviour is considered a disciplinary offence. All allegations of harassment are treated seriously and all practical steps taken to prevent the behaviour  continuing.

Policy Implementation

The success of an Equal Opportunities Policy depends on the commitment of all those who have responsibility for staff members and staff members themselves. As expressed in the policy statement, it is the responsibility of every individual to eliminate discrimination and to ensure the practical application of this policy.

It is one of the prime tasks of a board of management, Personal/Human Resources Manager to promote and encourage the effective on-going implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy.

Implementation is principally about two things - making the policy known and understood and ensuring that the principles are applied in all areas of work.

To this end, ATAC recognises that successful implementation means adherence to the following six aspects.

  • The designation of responsibility for the oversight of the policy.
  • The communication of the policy to make it known and understood; the provision of training for all.
  • The implementation procedures to ensure that discrimination, however slight, does not occur - harassment, employment of the disabled.
  • The implementation procedure for the handling of complaints of discrimination, including harassment, and ensuring that people are aware of it, how it works and how to use it.
  • The collation of statistics and analysis of them in order to monitor the effectiveness of the policy and to determine the nature of any collective action.

The use of all the above, together with the equal opportunity checklist, as part of an on-going personal audit.

This policy was agreed by the Management Committee


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